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Stickley's Furniture Plans - From The Craftsman magazine

by Gustav Stickley, circa 1903-1907.
Originally published in Stickley's The Craftsman magazine approximately 100 years ago, over 60 plans and illustrations of beautiful and practical Mission-style furniture projects.

Unique to this publication are beautiful color photographs of actual antiqueStickley produced furniture examples of many of the designs outlined. These are included with the gracious permission of Rago Arts and Auction Center of Lambertville, New Jersey.

Additionally included are, 29 extra pages of materials from Craftsman Homes (1909) by Stickley on:
- Furniture making in this Country: Craftsman Furniture in the Evolution of an American Style
- Craftsman Metal Work
- Cabinet Work for Home workers and students

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Mission Furniture  - How to Make It  - Vol. I, II, III 

by H.H. Windsor, 1909-1911.
Scanned directly from the original classic 1909-1911 Popular Mechanics Co.handbooks. All Three Books, over 200 pages of Arts & Crafts period furniture plans. Each plan is clearly described in terms of components, special steps and recommended procedures. They also each have a drawn plan with full dimensions and sometimes a photo or sketch of the object.

Additional sections include period finishing tips (including fuming) and also other technique hints; like steam bending, etc.

Also includes 25 additional pages added to later editions of the PART ONE volume.

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Built In Furniture

Built - In Furniture

by Edwin M. Love, Popular Mechanics Press, 1927.
This book is a terrific find on period Built-in type furniture,
 "to enable any handy man to add greatly to the beauty and convenience of his home, at small cost."

198 pages of really unique projects, all fully illustrated and with very detailed schematic drawings, isometric views and material lists. The quality and variety of plans are outstanding and cover many project designs I've never seen elsewhere. 

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