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Metal Spinning


Metal Spinning Anthology

An E-Book Collection of Metal Spinning books on CD-Rom
The nearly forgotten art of metal spinning is one that was essential to manufacturing unusually shaped objects in the time before roto-molded plastics, vacuum forming and injection moldings. Using simple tools and wooden forms beautiful and utilitarian shapes and forms can be spun out on nearly any sheet metal.

Few books remain available on the subject, but most of the older texts are still very appropriate and topical to this craft. The most common one,
Metal Spinning - James E. Reagan and Earl E. Smith (1936)
is included here as a starting point and for completeness.

Also on this CD-rom collection are the following texts totaling over 230 pages total on the subject:
Metal Spinning Techniques and Projects - Harold V. Johnson (1960)
Metal Spinning for Home Craftsman - W.B. and J. E. Boice (1940s?)
Metal Spinning excerpts - From METALWORKING (Home Mechanic's Library 1945)

  PRICE  $9.50  



Metal Crafting

Artistic Metal Crafting

Working with metal can take many forms; both artistic and or utilitarian in nature. This ebook collection of instructional books on the subject of artistic metal working features outstanding specific details from both perspectives. Sheet metal work, hammering, bending, casting, repousse and more... it is all here.

Featuring five rare books with detailed instructions and numerous project plans ranging from the late 1800s to the 1940's, this collection contains over 550 MB of metal crafting How-To information.

Of particular interest to those enamoured of Art and Crafts-style metal work is "Art MetalWork With Inexpensive Equipment" (1914). This has a huge wealth of info and illustrations of period metalwork in Mission/Craftsman design. Door/ drawer pulls, desk and wall lamps/lanterns and much more.

Books included are:

Art Metalwork with Inexpensive Equipment (1914)
Elementary Craftwork in Metal (1928)
Elementary Metal Work: A Practical Manual for Amateurs and for use in Schools (1894)
The Metal Crafts (1942)
Units in Metal: Etching, Spinning, Raising, Tooling (1939)

  PRICE  $9.00  



Blacksmith's Manual Illus.

Two Vintage Blacksmithing Books

Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated by J.W. Lillico (1930)
This is a rare volume written by blacksmith and ex-foreman of Whitworth& Co., Ltd. This book is obviously based on his experience in overseeing industrial manufacturing methods and ironwork in England during the early 20th century.

The nifty part about this book is how it is especially visually-based with extensive illustrations of the various steps and processes in making various types of tools and much so, that an experienced metal worker could probably make these complex tools/parts just by following along the pictures.

Modern Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing by J.G. Holmstrom (1941)
This small gem of a book is a very enjoyable classic on the ways things used to be done. The author's down-to-earth prose relates to the reader his accumulated knowledge of the blacksmithing art.

155 pages cover a stunning variety of subjects from shop set-up and tools selection/use, general methods, wheels repair, Plow repair and maintainence, Misc. steel working; repairing cogs, drilling cast iron, mending band saws, technical design of hooks and their strengthes, horseshoeing and common horse ailments. This was definitely not an Arts/Crafts type book, but rather one focused on the practical applications of everyday smithy work.

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