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About our EBooks

Our products are exact digital reproductions of hard-to-find and often long out of print craft and technical books or plans. Created by vintage plan enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.  We specialize in collecting, compiling and reproducing these vintage classics.

Each book has been greyscale scanned ,page by page, at 400 dpi and saved in the easy to use Acrobat PDF format. On each CD is the free Acrobat Reader software that will allow you to view each e-book with ease.

The PDF format is vector-based, meaning you can zoom in on the pictures and text and it stay clear and crisp, not jagged or fuzzy. These can easily be printed with any standard printer , if you want a hard copy or maybe just a specific drawing / plan for a single project.

(If used on a Windows PC we have an Auto-launching Start Up Menu that will allow you to easily install the Reader software or go directly to the book -  in case you already have Acrobat Reader installed)

Compatible with Windows XP / 2000 / Millenium /95 or 98 / 3.11
The CDs are also MAC & Linux friendly and the PDF files on them are just as easily viewable on on these operating systems.

If you are curious about the look or quality of the ebooks feel free to download one of the below sample pages :

   SAMPLE PDF #1   ( 1.81 Mb )

   SAMPLE PDF #2   ( 1.03 Mb )

   SAMPLE PDF #3    ( 1.13 Mb )


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