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    Are these books, printed copies or CDs ?
They are electronic copies of the original long out-of-print texts, on CD-rom. Created by hand scanning each and every page individually to ensure the best quality, they are then touched up (where needed) and saved as Adobe PDF files.

   Do I need any special software to view these plans ?
Most PCs and MACs these days have a web browser installed with ACrobat Redaer software installed. In case you don't though, we have provided free Reader software for Windows, MAC, & Linux on each and every CD.

   Can I print them to make drawings that I can use in my workshop ?
Certainly, and the PDF format makes it easy to print them at what ever scale you if you just want to zoom in on a small detailed section you can and unless it is over 300% larger it is usually clear enough.

   Do you own the rights to these editions ?
Most of the books in each product are either pre-1923 and therefore in the public domain, OR the copyright has been determined to have expired. That is for the original texts, I have added additional details and notes that are copyrighted by Loose Cannon. Thus it is not legal to reproduce my CDs and re-sell them.

   My CD has arrived damaged  OR it doesn't seem to open on my computer.
Contact us via email (see the CONTACT US page) and we'll be happy to send you a replacement copy ASAP!



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